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 Software Approval Process

The Software Approval Process provides support for teachers, schools or departments by ensuring that software is compatible with district devices and data security and privacy policies. For more information, you can click on the graphic below or visit the FAQ's below! Check to see if the software is already included on the DPA Software Approved List or the Digital Tools (Click Through List).

Teacher and Staff Process.jpg
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Please note: Any software that you purchase for your school is considered site-supported. This means that you are responsible for the primary support of this software; IT will support it on a limited basis (time permitting), and it will be prioritized below other support issues.


I would like to purchase software (and I have principal/department approval)--what do I do? 
Submit an IT Service Request with the title of the software and a link with information about the software requesting to begin the software approval process. Your IT On-site Service Coordinator will reach out to you to complete the software approval form together. You do not need to complete this step on your own. 

I've submitted my IT Service Request, completed the form with my On-site Service Coordinator, and received approval for this software. What do I do next?  
Contact your office staff to submit a PO for this software. The Ed Tech team will let you and purchasing know if a DPA is required for this software.If the software requires a DPA, purchasing will contact you to get any additional information they may need for contacting the vendor. 

My software is purchased and ready for install or access online. What should I do? 
If you need assistance installing or accessing your software, please submit a new IT Service Request for support. If you do not need assistance, then you can install or access software when you're ready!

What happens if the vendor won't sign the DPA?
Then you will not be able to purchase or use the software. In the majority of cases, the vendor will work with the school district to sign the DPA as soon as possible--be prepared for this process to take at least 30 days. 

What if I need an update to a software I already have? 
Submit an IT Service Request with the title of the software and link with information about the new version. Your IT On-site Service Coordinator will reach out to you to complete the update approval form together.

What is involved in the entire software approval process? 
You can view the software approval process here