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Empowering every student

Improving the IEP Process

Special Education (SPED) administrators and teachers use Individual Education Plans (IEPs) to manage the learning and progress of students in their programs and to meet various state mandates. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) recently contracted with a 3rd party (Excent) to provide a robust IEP solution called Enrich. BVSD is leveraging Enrich to enhance our SPED programs. The Enrich IEP product automates several different processes, including:

  • referrals

  • evaluations

  • progress monitoring

  • medical encounters

  • meeting coordination

  • state reporting

We are excited that this product provides these enhanced—and in some cases new—capabilities for our SPED professionals. However, implementing Enrich requires a lot more than just “plugging into” a ready-made solution. In particular, the implementation team faces tremendous challenges related to data integration and exchange. Additionally, SPED data has to be protected with the highest levels of security and confidentiality when it is transferred to or from database systems located outside the BVSD network.

The IT Applications team has been working diligently to address these formidable technical challenges and aims to have the Enrich IEP system fully operational by August 7, 2013. The collective efforts of this team, in collaboration with IT Operations, BVSD SPED, the CDE, Excent, and Computer Information Concepts (a second vendor), will result in a software implementation that will enable BVSD SPED administrators and teachers to more effectively perform their jobs and meet the unique demands of this segment of our student population.