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High School Website Templates

BVSD high schools have the option to choose a pre-designed web template. A centralized content hub publishes District information to individual school sites in real time, eliminating the need for schools to duplicate and update this content. 

What is included in the template?  Your template includes a graphical design (you choose the colors and images to reflect your school community), a navigation layout, organized pages and sub-sites, a staff directory,  individual teacher/staff profile pages, course descriptions, athletics and activities layouts, a newsletter blog, and more.

What about content?  40-50% of your site content will be published from the centralized hub. This includes school profile information, course descriptions,  athletics season dates, daily lunch menus and more.  Each school is responsible for creating and maintaining the school-specific content on their website. 

Can we add, delete and move pages? Yes, though there are limitations.  We strongly recommend that features such as the main navigation, homepage and staff directory pages, athletics and activities, among others, not be modified as they have been designed to populate multiple content areas and/or streamline the process of keeping your site current.​


Quick Access to Student Logins...

Easy, Simple Navigation...


Highlight your school's events...


How to request the new template design for your school.
Step 1.  Review the template example
Step 2: Principal submits an IT service request.  Please include the date your web team will be ready to begin transferring content from
Step 3.  Choose the school colors for your website.  More information HERE
Step 4.  Complete the TEMPLATE QUESTIONNAIRE.  
Step 5.  Identify photography and content for your new site.  This will include images for the homepage slider, the internal banner and a logo; staff photos and related information; written content to add to pages throughout the site.